Agenturbüro Langland Windsor / GB


Since 2009, the British advertising agency Langland is located on High Street in Windsor, in the immediate vicinity of Windsor Castle. The London architects’ office Jump Studios was commissioned with the conversion of the premises into an office building. The central idea of the design was to move all the workplaces to the well-lit areas at the outside walls while commonly accessible office functions such as meeting rooms, the reference library and the postal room are in an open spatial structure in the middle. The so-called spine also serves informal purposes: in the white-green spatial element with cosy seating, the employees from the different departments meet. Further areas such as the noble library and the conference room as well as the canteen on the next floor up and the games and massage room complement the space on offer.

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Office
Country/City: Great Britain / Windsor
Client: Langland, Windsor, GB
Architect: Jump Studios, London, GB
Address: 55-57 High Street, Windsor, GB
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