AOC Oost School Twello / NL


Flora, fauna, people and technology – in Twello in the Netherlands, pupils learn from the real thing. The AOCOostSchool prepares young people for careers in agriculture, industry and healthcare. The school is an oasis of green where up to 900 pupils learn not only theory, but also above all its practical application: from and with nature.

The school complex covers an area of 9,000 m2 and consists of four pavilions linked by glass atriums that are the height of the building and can be used in a multifunctional manner. Thanks to the location at the border of the village, the school grounds are surrounded by idyllic meadows, fields and woods. At first glance, the south side of the school yard looks like a farm, with sheds for the animals and arable land. Extensive greenhouses are harmoniously integrated into the school building. Systems of ponds lead from the front courts into the atriums, bringing nature into the building and removing the barriers between theory and practice. The ground floor houses the workshops and technology rooms for practical lessons, while most of the classrooms are found on the higher floors. The cafeteria is located at the centre of the building, with colourful glass windows in the wooden curtain-wall façade offering extensive views of the surrounding countryside.

The overall concept of the new building is thoroughly environmentally friendly and is supported by a well-thought-out energy concept with managed aeration and ventilation, innovative heating and air-conditioning control combined with floor heating and cooling. To suit this concept, the architects chose a natural linoleum floor covering from Armstrong DLW in the classrooms and corridors. This is because the floor coverings from DLW Linoleum consist of natural and 80% renewable raw materials such as linseed oil, wood flour, resins, cork and jute, and have been awarded numerous labels highlighting their ecological credentials, including the Blauer Engel (Blue Angel) environmental certification. However, it is not just the ecological aspects that mean DLW Linoleum fits perfectly into the sustainable overall concept of the school. In visual terms, each pavilion picks up on nature using a different floor colour from the DLW Linoleum Colorette collection: from vivid green to fresh turquoise and blue and a warm sun yellow. A subtle beige tone was selected for the corridors, which exude a pleasant sense of peace.

The polyurethane surface finish applied in the factory makes DLW Linoleum resistant to dirt, scratches and scuffs, even in areas where it is subjected to high use. The PUR Eco System makes the floor covering even easier to clean, saving time, energy and water, and thereby significantly reducing the ongoing maintenance costs over the material's long service life. What is more, linoleum is hard-wearing and feels pleasantly warm on the feet. It is also non-slip and absorbs impact sound – the ideal floor covering for active children and young people.

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Product: Linoleum
Segment: Education
Country/City: The Netherlands / Twello
Client: College van bestuur AOC Oost
Architect: SP Architekten; Jaap Nieskens und David Vos
Address: Meester Zwiersweg 4, Postbus 175, 7390 AD Twello 7391 HD Twello / NL
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